Give your project superpowers

We focus in help and build partnerships with disruptive DeFi and crypto projects to accelerate their ideas to market.

Formed by experts and marketing leaders of the crypto community

Co-Founder of DCI Capital and now he starts his own Venture named Blue Moon Venture with a team of KOL's/influencers. Wolf has been in this space for 5 years and has a big crypto network doing more than 200+ projects with DCI Capital, and now the journey starts in Blue Moon.

Much More Than a Venture

Guidance in Marketing

Guidance in Marketing

Strong Investors

Strong Investors

Project Driven Decisions

Help in fundraising

Help in fundraising

Help in fundraising

Building Strong Relationships


At blue moon we actively help and support to promising early stage companies, that have the team and ideas that can move the crypto space forward in a confident and positive way.

Grow Up

Our unique and differentiated team help empower projects to grow their goals at all stages. From building their team, closing customers, getting advice to raise in their next round, and more.

Market Expertise

We can help you scale and build highly efficient communication between the project and the investors to help your project grow faster on less dilution.




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